Game List for Isabel De Borbon in 2019

  264 Andalucia Championship 31.05.19   
1 lost to Pedro Lozano4-7 11991773Block B
2 lost to Luis Miguel Martinez4-7 11941415Block B
3 lost to Jose Manuel Martinez De Sancha2-7 11881373Block B
4 lost to Maria Fernandez-Pereira4-10 11801243Plate R1
  395 Villa Padierna 29.06.19   
5 lost to Jose De Azpiroz6-7 11751451Block A
6 lost to Felipe Lopez De Carrizosa2-7 11741796Block A
7 lost to Francisco Perea4-7 11641152Block A
8 lost to Maria Teresa Molares4-7 11551192Block A
  820 Villa Padierna 06.12.19   
9 lost to Maria Jesus Burguete4-7 11531592Group E
10 lost to Pilar Barbadillo6-7 11491416Group E
11 lost to Maria Angeles Alvear5-7 11421312Group E
12 lost to Antonio Argueso6-7 11391459Plate KO R1

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