Game List for Alfonso Rebuelta in 2021

  70 6th GC CCVM Trophy 05.03.21     
1 beat Jose Manuel Vazquez 5-2 12771557Group F
2 lost to Alfonso Iriarte4-5 12741681Group F
3 lost to Jose Maria Cantero3-7 12661320Group F
  182 4th Spanish President's Cup 07.05.21   
4 lost to Jose Luis Panadero2-7 12611513Group D
5 lost to Alberto Varela-Grandal3-7 12571573Group D
6 lost to Guillermo Navarro3-6 12531547Group D
7 lost to Jose Antonio Quintela3-7 12471415Plate Knockout
  255 1st RSHECC Spring Trophy 28.05.21     
8 beat Constancia Villegas 7-3 12541114Group G
9 lost to Luis Carabias5-7 12491508Group G
10 lost to Ricardo Arraco2-7 12431416Group G
  300 5th GC Cup of Spain Tier 2 11.06.21   
11 lost to Maria Teresa Maldonado6-7 12381447LFCC vs RCGSG
12 lost to Javier Ares3-7 12331484RCGSG vs RCGLC
13 lost to Joaquin Hervada4-7 12301581RCGSG vs RACV
  356 14th GC Spanish Champ Tier 4D 25.06.21     
14 beat Jose Ignacio Alonso 7-2 12381142Group G
15 lost to Isabel Marin De La Barcena4-6 12271196Group G
16 lost to Francisco Borreguero2-3 12191276Group G
  745 1st GC Antequina Cup 15.10.21   
17 lost to Ines Diaz-Casariego4-7 12141472Group E
18 beat Carlos Pablo-Romero 7-4 12261338Group E
19 lost to Maria Gema Pombo3-7 12181274Group E
20 lost to Luis De Gortazar4-7 12141494R-1 KO
  770 1st GC CCVM Autumn Trophy Tier 2 30.10.21   
21 lost to Carmen Lopez-Francos4-7 12051261Group C
22 lost to Paloma Casanova2-7 11981306Group C
23 lost to Inigo Castanon3-7 11881175Group C
24 beat Eduardo Marques 6-5 11941024R-1 KO
25 lost to Rosa Marti2-7 11871325R-2 KO
  824 2nd CCVM Puente Inmaculada Trophy 04.12.21   
26 lost to Alfonso Iriarte5-6 11851662Group D
27 lost to Luis De Gortazar2-7 11811493Group D
28 beat Francisco Borreguero 7-5 11931267Group D
29 lost to Eduardo De La Rocha4-6 11881498R-1 KO
  835 2nd Rshecc La Inmaculada Trophy 10.12.21   
30 lost to Ana Maria Martin5-7 11761193Group G
31 beat Jose Maria Jnr Alonso-Gamo 7-6 11961517Group G
32 lost to Antonio Martin De La Cruz5-7 11911473Group G
33 lost to Jose Cano5-7 11881667R-1 KO

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