Game List for Brezo Fernandez-Castano in 2021

  201 1st King Pelayo Trophy 14.05.21   
1 lost to Paloma Bustamante2-7 10971442Group A
2 lost to Jose Alvarez-Sala2-7 10972368Group A
3 lost to Eduardo Pasaro4-7 10921319Group A
4 lost to Eduardo De La Rocha4-7 10881387Group A
5 lost to Pablo Cuesta6-7 10791144Group A
  276 4th Orden de Malta Trophy 04.06.21   
6 lost to Maria Jesus Burguete1-7 10781563Group F
7 lost to Maria Angeles Alvear4-7 10741372Group F
8 lost to Luis De Alarcon2-7 10721593Group F
9 beat Pilar Goyenechea 6-3 10821091R-1 KO
10 lost to Pedro De Torres2-4 10791404R-2 KO
  780 5th GC RCP Autumn Trophy Tier2 05.11.21   
11 lost to Reyes Pacheco1-7 10731247Group A
12 lost to Maria Angeles Nunez3-7 1061995Group A
13 lost to Mercedes Ysern6-7 10541156Group A
14 lost to Ana Maria Algarin4-7 10471166PLate4
15 beat Maria Teresa Diez 7-2 10581141Plate4

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