Game List for Carmen Nunez-Torron in 2021

  410 6th GC Galicia Championship Tier 2 08.07.21   
1 lost to Milagros Reboreda1-7 7351285Group F
2 lost to Maria Asuncion Cardoso6-7 7321099Group F
3 lost to Bilitis Alonso3-7 7301287Group F
4 lost to Maria Sierra2-7 7271103R-1 KO
  437 14th Spanish Champ. Tier 4E CCV 16.07.21   
5 lost to Carmen Buesa1-6 7261253Group F
6 lost to Bilitis Alonso6-7 7241269Group F
7 beat Rosario Diaz Del Rio 7-5 7401020Group F
8 lost to Patricia Gonzalez-Babe6-7 7361084R-1 KO
  613 2nd RACV Summer Trophy 26.08.21   
9 lost to Joaquin Hervada3-7 7361619Group A
10 lost to Maria Del Mar Camino6-7 7351302Group A
11 lost to Fernando Vidal-Ribas3-7 7331246Group A
  664 5th CCV Summer Trophy 10.09.21   
12 lost to Carmen Gil Pena1-7 7311250Group G
13 lost to Patricia Curbera4-7 7301233Group G
14 lost to Jaime Prieto-Puga4-6 7271117Group G
15 lost to Julio Pedrosa1-7 7261266R-1 KO
  802 1st GC CCV Autumn Trophy 19.11.21   
16 lost to Andres Amor3-7 721986Group B
17 lost to Julio Pedrosa1-7 7201279Group B
18 lost to Salvador De Sas1-7 7201663Group B
19 lost to Bilitis Alonso6-7 7181250Group B
  823 2nd GC RACV Autumn Trophy 02.12.21   
20 lost to Cesar Fernandez3-7 7181555Group B
21 lost to Fernando Vidal-Ribas1-7 7161257Group B
22 beat Maria Asuncion Cardoso 7-6 7321079Group B
23 lost to Arsenio Diaz Del Rio3-7 7311428R-2 KO
24 lost to Elena Montes De Oca2-3 7281034Q-Final

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